Portmone Slim with Eshemoda print “Hotel Pushkin”, natural leather, lilac color


A natural leather purse with a picture of the Pushkin Hotel.

Inside the main compartment for banknotes and two additional: on the buttons for coins and a pocket for a bank card.

Perfect for a small handbag, travel. Perfectly fits in the pocket of the pants.

Ingredients: Natural skin
Size: 10.5 x 8.2 cm (VshShG)
Manufacturer: Eshemoda
Country: Russia

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Portmone is a small wallet with different compartments. Therefore, it is ideal for a small handbag, a trip to rest, an active lifestyle. It can also be worn on your arm as a bracelet. Very convenient, for example, for cycling, rollerblading, etc.

Individual design

Let’s create a purse with your design. Send us an image. And we will print on any product on an individual sketch.
The color palette of natural leather is diverse and focused on the most fashionable colors of the season.


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