Friends! The end of the year is always a bustle!

Friends! The end of the year is always a bustle!

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A lot of work and little free time to find gifts

We ourselves do little in this fuss and decided to at least save you from standing in lines and traffic jams.

Only from December 22 to 30 (and only according to MOSCOW) our courier will bring you our products TO CHOOSE for work or home!

You only need to decide about what you want, and the courier will bring you an assortment from the availability, from which you can choose what you need! After all, there is no time to climb the site.

Suppose your colleague loves owls (and we have several types of them), ask to bring covers and cosmetic bags with owls and choose on the spot.

Or friends want souvenirs with a symbol of the year – a dog. And the courier will bring what is available with the dogs, and you can choose live the best prints.

The number of products will be limited by the capabilities of the courier and our workshop, you can agree on this with the administrator when ordering.

Payment for delivery in Moscow is standard (350 rubles), and for purchases from 5000 delivery will be free.

So you can negotiate with colleagues and together choose cool gifts for everyone, saving on delivery and not wasting time running around the city.

You can order such a service by writing to us at, at whatsapp +7 (903) 509-55-93 or by calling +7 (903) 509-55-93.

Have a nice shopping!
Happy New Year!

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