Collection of Evgenia Filippova

Collection of Evgenia Filippova

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The next master, whose work we used in our New Year’s Collection, is Evgenia Filippova

Eugene has been painting since he remembers himself.
As a child, she was sent to a drawing club, then she graduated from art school, then St. Petersburg College. N.K. Roerich.

For the most part, animals were chosen as the theme of her work, because she is their fan and always draws them with pleasure and love.

Zhenya’s main “flower series”, from which we chose the portrait “Dachshund” for the New Year’s Collection, was born by accident.
A small story is connected with her, which Zhenya told us like this:

“In the past, I liked one performer, in whose image floral wreaths were often found. Once I saw a photograph of a cat, which, it seemed to me, was just a copy of this girl.
I drew a cat and, of course, a wreath. Frankly, the work failed and I threw it for a couple of years in the pantry.
A few years ago, I took apart my old works, looked at this portrait from a different angle and created a series of animals in wreaths. “

Look for other wonderful works by Evgenia Filippova from the “flower” and other series in her shop – “The Shop of Zhenya Filippova”.
And our collaboration with her can already be purchased on our website.

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