Collection of Daria Krasnova

Collection of Daria Krasnova

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In our 2018 New Year collection, we have collected the works of beautiful Russian masters!

The result was a collection in which not only we, but wonderful Russian painters put their souls into it. We will introduce you to each of them.

The first master, to whom we paid attention, was Daria Krasnova.

Daria graduated from the best art school in Russia – Penza Art College. K. A. Savitsky.

She is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the Master of the Register of Masters of the International Academy of Culture and Art.

In 2014, she was awarded a diploma for her contribution to the domestic fine arts.

Participant and laureate of many Russian and world exhibitions.

If it’s not so official, then as long as she remembers herself, Daria has always painted. She is that happy person whose hobby coincided with the profession, so work is always a joy for her!

We selected several of her works:

“A bundle of happiness!”, “Moths”, “Wings of the night”and a gorgeous fox in the picture“Royal Pheasant”.

Daria is very fond of animalistics, as can be seen from her works. “Animals never pose and are extremely plastic,” she says. You can buy any of our accessories with her paintings, here are just some of them:

Daria is not only a painter, but also a sculptor, graphic artist, a medalist (both a reader, and a reaper, and a dude). “When there are so many interesting things around that it is impossible to do any one kind of fine art, you want to have time and try everything!” Says Daria. She is the winner of the competition for the best sculptural portrait. Her medal “Adam Olearius” is in the Hermitage collection.

Many works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. In her shop at the Fair of Masters you can see a lot of her works.

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