And here’s the premiere of our article column #Tips of the Stylist_Eshemoda

And here’s the premiere of our article column #Tips of the Stylist_Eshemoda

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And here’s the premiere 🎉🎉🎉 of our article column #Tips of the Stylist_Eshemoda, with the wonderful Olga @yourstyle_yourcolor as an expert! Be sure to share your impressions and questions in the comments for new topics in the section! Let’s go! 😘

Good afternoon, dear girls!

Each year, Pantone Color Institute presents its top 12 colors of the season. Vibrant and vibrant colors are in fashion this spring and summer.

From my practice, I know that not every woman can wear a bright color on her face. Not everyone is ready to be under close attention all day, because the bright color draws all eyes to itself.

My advice – start with the acquisition of bright accessories: card holders, key holders, bags, backpack, shoes.

The nature of things is not expressed in anything as fully as in the smallest. (C)

It is accessories that help us to express our style, to show our individuality.

How to choose bright accessories?

Let me show you an example of a leather backpack-transformer Bad Girl from Eshemoda in Pink Peacock color from the Pantone spring palette.

👍🏻 Neutral color + bright accessory: let the whole set be sustained in a neutral color (maybe in black, gray, beige), then a bright accessory will be easier to fit into the image.
✌🏻 Choose a bright shade to the same, only the paler, which is present in the kit. It can be any element of the wardrobe.
👌🏻 Repeat the color: if there are several colors in the print of a blouse or dress, you can choose one of them and support it with an accessory.

If you think that some colors do not match, try to find similar combinations in nature. The combination of colors in nature is the best clue!

In the carousel, an example of how one accessory can be entered in different styles and combined with different colors.

Scroll and get inspired! 🙌🏻

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